Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things I've Learned About The Future of Canadian Tennis (So I'm Told)

Things I've learned about Steven Diez's game at the Tevlin Futures semi final.

A few lose notes on the match, or rather, on Steven Diez's game. I've seen him play a few times before but never closely enough to form an actual opinion or anything close to it, for that matter. This time I actually paid attention and noticed a few things.

* He moves really well, has decent court coverage which considering the fact he's not very tall, is definitely a great benefit.
* An OK first serve but the second is a bit of a mess. He also seems to go for too much on it way too often
* Boombastic and efficient forehand, runs around backhand a lot
* Weirdest drop shot technique, tried it a few times but not with the best results but managed to draw an error once or twice
* Good at constructing a point and moving the opponent but missed easy shots to an open court way too often. He's controlling majority of the rallies just to eventually dump the easiest shot in the net. Very frustrating. But since it's been very windy (not as much as the day before, though) and that might have been a factor there
* Consistently keeps the ball very deep which contributes to the above in a big way. Good to see.
* Harmless at the net. Once Monroe got him to the net, you knew it was over.Very Persistent, chases down a lot of balls, good fighter (came back from 2-5 down in the first set to eventually lose it in tie break)
* Very intense and emotional on court, sadly, in a negative way. It seemed to really influence his game in the second set.
* There was a funny situation over an out call on one of his drop shots on the far sideline toward the end of the match. He started making a point (very politely, I must say) about the ball being in (that's what I thought, too, but obviously the linesperson had the best view of all) to which the chair ump answered "I can't overrule that". Steven, looking devastated, answered "Why not? Pleeeese!". We couldn't help but have a bit of a chuckle.

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